Welcome to the Windows developer feedback site!

This site is the best place to share your platform capability requests and general ideas for improving the Windows developer platform. The feature teams working on the following teams regularly review actionable ideas coming in via this site, and incorporate them into future product planning discussions and prioritization meetings:

  • Microsoft Edge developer platform
  • Universal Windows Platform
  • Windows Dev Center
  • Microsoft Store
  • Windows Command-Line [Windows Console, PowerShell, Cmd, Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)]

Please keep in mind that it takes time to design, develop, test, and release new features into the Windows developer platform, but we'll be sure to update entries when we announce or release updates based on your feedback.

Thank you for visiting the Windows Developer Feedback site, and for helping to enhance the Windows developer experience!

How the site works

Generally speaking, here is the lay of the land:

  • To add new ideas, please create discrete requests - 1 idea per post - so that your fellow devs can vote for specific ideas or capability requests.
    • Laundry list postings of ideas - posts that contain multiple ideas are usually deleted to ensure that the idea can be managed appropriately.
    • Please do not submit any novel or patentable ideas, copyrighted materials, samples, or demos that you do not want to grant a license to Microsoft to. See the Windows Developer Feedback Terms of Service for more information.
    • Consumer suggestions for Windows and Windows Phone are usually closed as being in the wrong forum - you should be posted via the Windows Feedback app (available on all Windows 10 devices)
    • For .NET or Visual Studio, please use the Visual Studio UserVoice site for suggestions
  • We will mark things as "In Progress" when we have good line of sight that an idea will be delivered in the coming months.
  • As items are publicly released, we will mark them as "Completed".

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