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Allow context menu verbs with file explorer integration without having a file type association

On this page, there is explanation how to make a file explorer integration on a desktop bridge app:

In short you could add something like this in your manifest-file:

<uap3:Extension Category="windows.fileTypeAssociation">
<uap3:FileTypeAssociation Name="MyApp">
<uap:FileType MultiSelectModel="Document">.txt</uap:FileType>
<uap3:Verb Id="Edit" Parameters="/e &quot;%1&quot;">Edit</uap3:Verb>
<uap3:Verb Id="Print" Parameters="/p &quot;%1&quot;">Print</uap3:Verb>

I’m working on porting an app that could calculate MD5 checksums on a file. I want to add this as a context menu option on for instance zip and iso-files. But it’s not possible to do this without making a file type association as I get it :(. In my case I would also be happy if it was possible to add verbs on all file types, but this is something I could live without :).

Also, there is no way to having different verbs on different file types which could be quite limiting.

If I’m wrong I would love to be corrected :-).

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