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Frame.ContentTransitions no longer working for pages in Build 17763

We have discovered a major breaking change in Windows SDK Build 17763 for UWP apps upgrading from a previous version.

We have many existing apps (and a minimal repro) which achieves page transitions by setting the Frame.ContentTransitions property. I get the same result if I set this property in code and/or in XAML. For example:

rootFrame.ContentTransitions = new TransitionCollection
new NavigationThemeTransition
DefaultNavigationTransitionInfo = new DrillInNavigationTransitionInfo()

This is following the recommended guidance here:

Expected Result:
When calling Frame.Navigate(typeof(AnyPage)), I should see a "drill in" transition to the new page.This is exactly what I get using previous builds (e.g. 17134).

Actual Result:
The new page slides up from the bottom.

It works if I explicitly call Frame.Navigate with the desired transition. For example:
Frame.Navigate(typeof(AnyPage), parameter, new DrillInNavigationTransitionInfo())

Setting the SDK version specified in project properties back to 17134, and the problem goes away.

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  • Steven Moyes commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thank you for reporting this issue. This is indeed an unexpected consequence of adding a default theme transition when navigating between pages. We are tracking this bug internally, but in the meantime, please leverage the workaround mentioned (ie. "Frame.Navigate(typeof(AnyPage), parameter, new DrillInNavigationTransitionInfo());")

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