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Rate and Review enhancement

The Windows Phone dev center seriously needs an enhancement to Rate and Review options. There are many features that can be added to improve the whole experience from a developer's perspective.

Web portal enhancements:

1) Ability for Dev to contact the reviewer
At times a certain feature isn't clear what is going wrong, or additional info is required from the reviewers. Developers should be given ability to communicate option to email reviewers.
If you do not want to display / expose email addresses, consider using Amazon / Ebay member communication mechanism which effectively hides private email address whilst allowing communication.
[Admin edit - For this particular portion of the suggestion, please vote for the existing suggestion @]

2) Counter comment on a review:
Even if developer manages to fix the grievance or bug (e.g., login bug, crash due to a GDR, etc.), there is no way to reflect those. Ability to add a linked comment would be beneficial for preventing old/outdated reviews from continuing to haunt an app.

3) Report comments for review / deletion:
Often dodgy ratings and reviews are seen. 1* with or without reviews are common. Another rising case has been spam comments which at mostly irrelevant. From dev center, developers should be able to report such comments for review / deletion.

Additionally, if it's determined that an account is posting spam comments - any additional reviews by the user(s) should automatically be quarantined and reviewed. The account should possibly be blocked by the Store team and the spam comments removed from the store.
If spam comments arise for a single user within a small set of time from a set of devices, those devices should also be blocked from commenting.

4) Implement secure device / service handshake before allowing rating and reviews. From web interface, the reviews should be read only. Block leaky api from becoming a source of spam.

On Device enhancement:
These would be slightly difficult to implement; however, over upcoming updates, we should try and add these to device options:

1) Option to contact the developer:
The WP Store team should provide the option to email the developer along side of Rate and Review option. In my experience, only about one in about 50 reviewers actually bothers to email the developer with their issue, and the store's rate and review thread isn't ideal for feature requests etc. An email option would go a long way encouraging users to start a conversation with developer rather than just leaving a snarky comment.

2) Helpful comment (yes / no options) when viewing the comments. This would enable users to add weight to reviews that are actually helpful and relevant. A weight system would also counter spam reviewers substantially.

3) Add ability to detect App installation / Usage before showing the Rate and Review option. Being able to rate and review any app no matter whether I have used it or not is just wrong.

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Several features in this request are now live including 1) respond to review, 2) public response to reviews, 3) escalate to support which in a few cases can delete the comment if it violates the policy, 4) technology to detect and remove a large majority of the spam reviews, and 5) how helpful is a comment.


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