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Contact Manager api : Need performance optimization

I am developing a Windows Phone 8.1 application using windows xaml and c#. And the app needed to sync users phone contacts with the server.

So at the point , We need to get all contacts from the phone and have to send it to the server. But compared to Silver light version contact api performance is really poor and it takes mare time to load all contacts.

Please consider my suggestion on this case

1. Polish your new Contact Manager api to get the maximum performance .Hence the user not to sit idle till it loads.

2. I could not find the filter option when querying contacts. It may be based on number only contacts, contacts with email address, or filtering only phone contacts other than any social contacts etc.

I don't think supposed changes are difficult to implement. Microsoft is trying to do and provide new thing . But they are always neglecting such a simple functionalities. If you concentrate to give such simple things , you might get some good results and happy customers *** developers.

Hope you people will make it !!


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  • anoop commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    see nobody care !! microsoft is doing great help to their developers.
    keep it up

  • David B. commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Another issue related with "Contacts" API.
    When retrieving users using the ContactStore, If any contact in the ContactStore has in the URL(Website field) for example "" the entire search process fails (internet protocol + @, used to pass authentication data to the url), raising an exception and returning no contacts.

    Would be wise to optmise that feature be it removing only affected users or just removing that field.

    Hope this issue is already fixed in Windows 10...

    Would like to *at least* hear an answer from any official source.

  • anoop commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It will be great to polish the api for getting contacts in windows phone 8.1 xaml. Now it is so poor in performance compared to silverlight .
    Also there is no kind of apis to filter contacts based on facebook , twitter, and contacts having phone numbers only. In the people hub , these option all are there. But no such apis available for the developers till yet

  • anoop commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I want to sync my application with my phone contacts. So i need to fetch all contacts. I used the following implementation.

    var contactStore = await ContactManager.RequestStoreAsync();

    var contacts = await contactStore.FindContactsAsync();

    My issue is about performance. It took 40 seconds to get this function works for 1250 contacts. But I tested the same functioning with Silverlight contact api and there it took only about 6-7 seconds to fetch all contacts.

    Waiting that much time for getting the contacts will be somewhat irritating. Hope you improve contact api performance and make it great.

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