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Hi, are you a web developer or designer?

“No, I just want to share feedback on Microsoft Edge.”

Please use the Feedback Hub (requires Windows 10) to submit your feedback in the Microsoft Edge category. This site is for web developer and designer feedback only. Other feedback will be closed without action.

“Yes, I’m a web developer or designer with feedback for the Microsoft Edge platform.”

Great! This site is where the Microsoft Edge team collects feature requests from the web developer and designer community in the categories listed to the right. For bugs on existing features, please log an issue on the Issue Tracker.

Your feedback will help us with planning and to better understand how web developers and designers are using the platform. Top standards-based feature requests will also be copied over to, where you can track its development status.

For the most actionable feedback, please search and up vote for existing suggestions before submitting a new suggestion, and create a separate suggestion per idea. Note that off topic or inappropriate suggestions may be moderated. The Microsoft Edge team will use suggestions as an important input, but there are several additional factors that inform the final roadmap.

A note from our lawyers: Please do not send any novel or patentable ideas, copyrighted materials, samples or demos which you do not want to grant a license to Microsoft. See the Terms of Service for more information.

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