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Log XmlHttpRequests to the console

This feature would log every XHR based network request to the console.

Proposed design:
- Console message with the URL that is being requested
- Link to view the request in the network tool
- Link to the source location that triggered the XHR

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  • Lau Lei Cheong commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The first 2 can be done already with Fiddler (which if you're developing web applications, you should have been using already), so no comment.

    For the third request, it needs clarification. What does "source location" means?

    If it's the method directly calling it, for the most time you should see it pointing to somewhere in jQuery-*.js.

    If it performs stack trace to link back to the control and action that causes the call, beware the browser could become really, really slow. (Okay, sometime setting breakpoint can make developer toolbar really, really slow already, so perhaps it doesn't really matters)

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