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Add symlinks for standard %USERPROFILE% subdirectories to $HOME

It would simplify interoperability if the %USERPROFILE% and $HOME directories were more reflective of each other. While symlinking $HOME directly to %USERPROFILE% may cause interoperability problems, having matching subdirectories should be less problematic.

To that end, if the initial setup created symlinks in ~ to at least:

it might help establish good interoperability practices.

see also: https://wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/266908-command-prompt-console-bash-on-ubuntu-on-windo/suggestions/13351269-default-etc-hosts-of-ubuntu-to-symlink-or-hardlin

It would also help in cross-platform scripting if %HOME% was a standard part of the windows environment and the same as %USERPROFILE% by default. (I added it years ago and find it useful)

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  • Dean Gibson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I in fact do (in Linux) create a symlink from ~/oneDrive to (in effect) /mnt/c//Users/<name>/OneDrive.

    However, your suggestion of creating symlinks for the dozen "special" directories in %USERPROFILE% needs to account (or be aware of) the fact that any of those "special" directories may in turn not exist in %USERPROFILE% (despite their appearance in Windows File Explorer), but in turn may be redirected (in the registry) elsewhere.

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