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Windows needs a command-line Package Manager

I think that Microsoft could achieve the following 3 things if you seriously thought about a package management strategy for Windows and Windows programs.

1. You could simplify the lives of system administrators by allowing them to easily script up updates and required programs
2. You could take a little more control of the Windows environment by maintaining a repository of trusted software for installation
3. You could decrease the number of vectors for malware to enter Windows

By maintaining a repository of programs that run on Windows and allowing updates to be administered from that repository, Microsoft would make the lives of system administrators easier by allowing them to update programs on multiple systems in an automated manner. Updates to programs could be scheduled and users wouldn't have to worry about updating the programs themselves. Setting up a method to reduce the number of times PCs would have to be restarted could also make the lives of system administrators easier. There are a great number of programs that can be installed and updated on LInux without needing to restart the entire machine.

If a single trusted repository of Windows programs was maintained by Microsoft, users could be better assured that the programs they were downloading were not infected by malware/spyware/adware. Users would also know that they could always download a version of some software that they used because it would exist in a repository instead of some link on the internet.

Since Microsoft already has the Windows store, creating a command line interface to download programs could also reduce the number of vectors that untrustworthy programs could enter a Windows environment. This is dependent on Microsoft more strictly regulating the Windows store, developing a strategy to encourage companies and organizations creating Windows applications to use the Windows store when making mass market programs, and advising user to get their applications from the Windows store when possible.

Microsoft already has a number of the parts in place to achieve an initiative like this. It would be really exciting to see where you could go if command line package management were implemented.

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  • Andrew commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Chocolatey already does this - and rather well too.

    I would suggest that Microsoft look at Chocolatey as a model.

    I agree it is a bit off topic, but Chocolatey works nicely from the command line and a GUI is optional.

  • Cooper Teixeira commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This sort of thing is way out of scope for this project. These devs have literally no control over that sort of thing.

  • Ed Engelking II commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I love the fact that we can install via APT in Ubuntu/BASH. I really wish Microsoft would develop a simple repository system similar to Chocolaty for installing applications from the command line. And being able to do so from BASH would be even better.

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