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Windows Firewall should support Pico/WSL

Frustratingly the Windows Firewall itself does not support WSL even in the creators update.,

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  • Mike commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    WOW!! Just Wow! I am glad I stumbled on this thread.

    Windows have always been my OS of choice on all my desktop computers... Linux on server machines. But now I'm REALLY considering installing Ubuntu on my PC.

    My development VM was running SOOO slow.... cause: Windows. I lost so much time trying to speed it up, some said to use NFS mapping, I did. Others said try to make the vdrive size fixed, I dit. Still ridiculously slow compared to Mac or Linux Host OS.

    I finally decided to ditch the whole VM environment.

    So, I grabbed a WAMP package and started to set everything locally... it was going "ok", I didn't like how I was kind of going backwards. And I had to dropped some cool debug features too as some PHP libs are not supported on Windows. ****.

    It's ok I can do without them, I told myself. Moving on...

    But then, I started looking into installing Redis... and I saw a guide to install it with WSL!!! I had totally forgot about that feature. Of course! Linux subsystem!!! (I tested it years ago, but I didn't have any use of it at that time).

    At that point, I was excited. Good'ol Microsoft Team were not letting me down after all. I would have everything I want on the same machine, no new OS installation in sight, no painfull dual-boots, no losing 4 hours+ of my time.


    Then the fn WSL Pico bs came into play. I started looking into all my firewall rules, looking at ports, maybe it changes port everytime, wtf is happening...!!?? Why can't I create a firewall rule? I was getting insane.

    Then I stumbled on this thread... Thank you guys!

    I'm out!

    So long Windows, So long Microsoft! I'm not coming back.

    Windows was running legally here for years, paying since 2005 because I wanted the security/stability updates and no issues...LOL!.... I tried to block these **** updates years later because they were ******* EVERY bits of customization I put time to set.

    All the moments of frustration I had with LINUX over the years were kind of joyful, always learning things along and ending with a solution, plus a real personal satisfaction. But all the frustration I had with WINDOWS over the years were ****.. it always ended with me picturing stupid Microsoft Dev Team trying to do things their way and **** everything up, and no real solution for the problems.

    ****, no dual-boot... I'm going full Linux OS!

  • John commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    New version of Windows a couple of days ago ... still not dealing with this issue .. still cant add Pico as a rule in the firewall so WSL still wont work if you have your firewall set to block outgoing

  • Steve Flynn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    What's the bet that we make it a full year since this post and absolutely nothing will have come back from Microsoft....

  • Lahma commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Microsoft, you simply never cease to amaze me... You create something like Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, which will obviously ONLY be used by power users (i.e. people who actually configure/customize their firewall), yet you make it incompatible with your OWN firewall (unless left wide open)... You are even aware of the incompatibility, and have been aware of it since it was released. You constantly release updates, updates to plan for the updates, and updates to fix the stuff you broke with the last update, and force not just security updates onto users, but literally any feature you see fit, and reboot user's machines at your whim ("I'm sorry.. were you in the middle of something and weren't able to save the thing you just spent the last 6 hours working on? My bad..."). You force your entire user base to beta test your feature updates, and quite literally explicitly reset preferences, privacy settings, and reverse convoluted workarounds that users are forced to implement to try to prevent you from forcing updates onto them, yet you can't manage to implement a minor fix such as this in nearly 2 years. God knows we all needed 3D printer support (because clearly every Windows 10 user has a 3D printer, right?), Hololens support, and VR/mixed-reality support before a fix for one of the core security components of the Windows operating system. Supporting virtual processes, a thing which really is not uncommon in current times, is such a basic required element of any firewall product, yet you continue to pretend that it is a total non-issue... despite the fact that nearly all third party firewall products either already support virtual processes, or quickly added support for them after their users reported this problem. Then again, I'm not sure why I would expect anything less of you... You haven't managed to fix the MOST BASIC of bugs that have been present in Windows Firewall since Windows XP SP2 (1 simple example off the top of my head... supporting "%" characters in the program path of firewall rules... a totally valid character in NTFS file names and even used by Windows itself to enclose environment variables... yet... it hasn't worked since day 1 despite the many repeated reports/requests over the last 20 something years. I won't be holding my breath for any "fixes" of any kind, including this one, as I've learned you truly don't give a #!@$. (I could write a novel filled with facts that support that statement and make it unequivocal).

  • A commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    it's really sad that I have resorted to installing cygwin on Windows 10 just to install squid so I can proxy WSL around/through the windows firewall. :(

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My windows firewall blocks all outgoing by default so I can't use WSL until this is implemented unfortunately.

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