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Recursive file case sensitivity?

Can we get folder recursive case sensitivity? You've very recently added it with:
fsutil.exe file SetCaseSensitiveInfo C:\folder\path enable
what do we have to do to get full directory case sensitivity?

It's really confusing as to why this isn't implemented yet when NTFS has supported it forever and windows 10 has no more kernel excuse...

Is something like this necessary?

[string] $PathRoot = 'folder here'

[bool] $EnableCaseSensitivity = $true

@(Get-ChildItem -Path $PathRoot -Recurse -Directory | Select-Object -ExpandProperty 'FullName') | ForEach-Object {
cmd /c ('fsutil.exe file SetCaseSensitiveInfo "{0}" {1}' -f ($_,$(if($EnableCaseSensitivity){'enable'}else{'disable'})))

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  • Joost Molenaar commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It's a drag to have to use Powershell to set this flag on each subdirectory under a directory, but more importantly, subdirectories come and go at different times and for different reasons, and when they are created, they should match the parent directory's case sensitivity flag.

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