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WPF - SVG support

SVG (scalable vector graphic) is becoming very prominent these days. All major browsers support it.
Performance and functionalities are improving very quickly.

Knowing that, it sounds very intereting for those who want to design a graphical design application (like an UML designer) to do it with SVG.
The document result could be a SVG or an XML with embeded SVG in it. Having a SVG file would enable anybody to see the result in any browser/OS.
Many other advantages come with it.

The actual HTML5 browser model is Javascript based and by the way is interpreted and untyped.
- By definition interpreted language is slow compared to compiled one.
- Untyped language does permits only partial inteli-sense which should slowdown developement and make things a little more harder to learn and code.

WPF XAML is very close to SVG but it is not SVG as SVG is an image. SVG is standard image.
WPF is very slow. I use it for graphical chart display with million of items and the only responsive control was the one written in C++.
SVG in IE seems to be quite fast* and **. It appears to be a lot faster than XAML.

I wonder why Microsoft does not give programmer direct access to an SVG Model in WPF that has the same performance of the IE browser?
Wouldn't be a good idea ?

**!topic/d3-js/ZJ6pznVU5LQ Ger Hobbelt answer

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  • David Lemieux commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    WPF still lacking support for SVG in 2016 is beyond ridiculous. SVG has been a standard for over 10 years now.

    I should be able to use the same set of image files when developping across web and WPF. This is a must.

  • Nils commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Good suggestion. I would love to see SVG and CSS support in WPF. Vector graphics and styling are the main weaknesses of WPF.

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