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      Mike-EEEMike-EEE commented  · 

      Well great, thanks for the reply, Clint. I guess I am a little confused on what you mean by "one request per topic." Can you please explain what you mean by this?

      Also, as far as being spec'd out, I guess I am a little confused by this as well. I was under the impression that creating a specification is what determines what goes in and what doesn't. Or rather, describes the features that will make it into this request (or topic?). I would definitely appreciate clarification around this process and what you mean by this.

      To add some more context from my perspective, in the .NET Core/ASP.NET Core/Visual Studio/MSBuild/etc. GitHub repos, the specifications are well-known, descriptive issues that are posted where the community can add their feedback to help drive the direction of those issues so that all (participating :) ) points of view are accounted for and risk is minimized for the final deliverable.

      The obvious concern here is that the first version was conducted in an opaque, closed room manner that resulted in something that developers did not like very much. Doing it again in the same way does not seem like the best course of action to ensure that it will successfully address the requested issues here.

      I am definitely open to feedback here if there is something that I am not understanding.

      Mike-EEEMike-EEE commented  · 

      Hi Clint, thinking about this some more after some conversations with a few people. Can you comment on the spec that is occurring with this? There is also a great conversation with the System.Xaml port for .NET Core with lots of feedback for UWP's Xaml model. Well I say feedback, but it's not really all positive and is mostly along the same lines as what birbilis shares below.

      Are the efforts here related in any way to the .NET Core request? Obviously it would be ideal to limit overlap and to leverage work done in one area to solve another (if at all possible).

      Additionally, is there any way to be a part of this process and for the community to provide their own feedback for what is taking place? It would be great to ensure we hit the right notes this time to promote the long-term success/viability of UWP going forward.

      Thank you in advance for any clarity/assistance you can provide here.

      Mike-EEEMike-EEE commented  · 

      AWESOME!!! Thank you Clint and team!!! Took a while -- maybe a little TOO long, haha -- but we finally got there. Or are getting there. Sorta like turning the Titanic. :P Looking forward to the progress. :)

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