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    F# team just posted an update on their GitHub.

    This is still a work in progress. One key thing from that post is some of these features and fixes have already been underway for months. While we’ve been investigating F#-specific issues in .NET Native, the team has continued to improve .NET Native. One feature known as “universal shared generics” is likely to have improved .NET Native’s support for F#, even without that being an explicit goal of the feature.

    Krishna commented  · 

    Hi Clint,

    I'm the developer of a Windows 8 app in the store (All About Money - which is one of the top apps in the Finance category in the store) - the one who originally posted this suggestion - because I wanted to port my app to F# to make it easier for me to keep maintaining it for now and the future.

    I've got all my libraries written in F# as PCLs now. But I can't turn on .NET native - because the tooling doesn't let me : no support for F# libraries.

    As many here have mentioned - the reason you're seeing very low usage ~0.01% of F# in the Windows Store catalog is due to very poor support for F# in the first place. So I think the stats here are just causing confirmation bias in this case.

    I think you'll agree here - it is way more than just a bunch of F# fans saying we want this supported in UWP.

    As many here have pointed out - using F# and the increasingly popular functional programming approach - to design and develop our applications will produce better quality apps for the Windows store and UWP beyond the store.

    As of now - there seems to be no way for me to ship this app and get the performance benefits from .NET Native. I'll have to evaluate whether it is even usable/shippable without .NET Native support.

    What's interesting is many developers using something like Xamarin get good F# support on other platforms when doing mobile development.

    I do hope you'll review the decision with Windows 10 and UWP dropping F# support - and Microsoft would treat F# as a first-class citizen in the .NET / UWP world again.


    Krishna shared this idea  · 

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